According to a latest research, legacy software companies and traditional ISVs that fail to modernize are on a death spiral and will be extinct by 2025. Yes, you read it right! Traditional ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) that still develop and install on-premise software products and use outdated business models will soon go out of business. In fact, any company that is not adaptable to change will lag in the current disrupted market. All thanks to the digital wave and the power of emerging technologies that have disrupted businesses across industries. The emerging technologies that are key players of this disruption are AI, ML, IoT, SMAC, Big Data, and so on.

Businesses large and small are embracing these technologies and becoming a digital business to be competitive and relevant in the disrupted world. Also, customers and enterprise application buyers are adopting a cloud-first approach. It has therefore become vital for software service providers and traditional ISVs to adopt a cloud-only approach and move to a SaaS-based on-demand subscription model.

When it comes to adopting modern measures or changing the way they work, traditional ISVs face certain challenges such as:

  • A lack of clear vision
  • Insufficient resources and technical skill sets
  • Limited or no market reach
  • Inability to meet changing customer demands, and
  • Insufficient customer base

How can we help?

At Gateway Digital, we understand that with the business landscape becoming more interconnected and interdependent, the “independent” in ISVs is an oxymoron. We, therefore, extend technical support to traditional ISVs and help them transform into a modern business. As enterprises move towards utility computing and SaaS, we partner with traditional ISVs and startups and support them in their journey towards digital transformation. We carry rich experience and expertise in the areas of:

  • Digital Consulting and Strategy: Strategic Consulting, Operations Consulting, Technology Consulting
  • Migration Services: Application Development, Cloud Transformation, DevOps, and IT Transformation
  • Product Re-Engineering Services: Agile and DevOps Product Development, Futuristic Product Engineering, Quality Engineering Services
  • Innovation Hub: Center of Excellence for Offshore and Onsite Development

Here are several areas in which Gateway Digital can benefit Independent Software Vendors in modernizing.

Emerging Technologies

Enterprises that lack the necessary skillset or technical knowledge to implement emerging technologies can leverage our technical capabilities. Our expertise in cutting-edge technologies will enable ISVs to upgrade their outdated business models and sell modern products and solutions.

Service Portfolio

We have a range of service and product offerings across diverse sectors and domains. Engaging with us in strategic technology partnerships can help small-scale ISVs to leverage our solutions and services to expand their service portfolio, and reach new markets.

Customer demands

With customer demands changing swiftly, software providers need to have business-ready solutions that deliver efficient and faster services. With our digital transformation consulting and strategy services, we provide the most scalable and customized products to ISVs and help them act in favour of the changing customer demands and keep up with the market needs.

Are you an independent software vendor ready to take your business one step ahead? Do you want to upgrade your current business models to meet the modern business landscape? Want to gain a competitive edge in the disrupted market? If yes, drop us a hello at hello@gatewaydigital.de.

For more information, visit www.gatewaydigital.de.

Nigam Shah

Nigam Shah

Nigam Shah is the VP and Client Success Manager at Gateway Digital Germany. He is an innovative thought leader in the applications of emerging technologies in the Automotive, Healthcare, BFSI, Retail and Transport & Logistics sectors. You can connect with Nigam on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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